Friday, January 8, 2010

Hand Rolled Sushi

This is certainly something to boost your self esteem in the kitchen. Particularly if you DO like going out for sushi. The price is much better, and there is a huge sense of fulfillment, that doesn't involve your stomach.

This is more about what you want in your sushi roll rather than a recipe. You can choose the filling. But here's what you need before that:
1. Nori: the seaweed wrap
2. Wasabi: what is sushi without wasabi..
3. Soy sauce: we all need a little sodium
4. Rice vinegar: there are different flavors
5. Sushi mats: These are $5 or less

Then you choose your fillings. We went to Aquarius and bought some salmon, bbq eel, and a king crab leg. All the fish was nearly frozen, so it needed to be refrigerated before cutting. As for our vegetables, we had carrots, avocado and asparagus. For topping and flavoring we had a lemon. And of course- sushi rice. If you don't have sushi rice, then make some rice the day before, and let it sit in the refrigerator overnight so it gets nice and sticky. Per cup of rice, you need to add 1/8c (or less) of the rice vinegar and a Tablespoon of sugar. Mix gently, fold the sugar into the rice without turning the rice into mush.

Slice your fish items thinly, and lengthly. Wash all surfaces that made contact with the fish before cutting the vegetables. (Note: a SHARP knife comes in VERY handy for all this cutting)

Wrap your mats in plastic wrap so rice doesn't get stuck in it. Place the nori shiny side down on the mat and sprinkle it with a combination of rice vinegar and water so the rice will stick. Lay a thin layer of rice down (I like to make mine a nice layer and pack it down, this helps keep the roll together and makes cutting it easier), then add your fillings. My favorites of the night were crab, cream cheese, avocado and asparagus. Another really good one I've named "The Little Eel" was the bbq eel and cream cheese. Because of the limited fillings, I cut the sheet of nori in HALF and it was a small roll. After filled, roll the end closest to you over, and tighten, Then reposition the mat to finish rolling the roll, and tighten again. Slice your roll.

This was not only quite delicious, but it was a lot of fun.

The kids at yesterday's pizza.

*Special thanks to Lyndsey for the idea, lots of the ingredients, and the sheer wisdom.


  1. I've been scrolling through other posts...since we just had the sushi...I'll be cooking the baked ravioli, and halibut this coming week. Thanks for the much needed inspiration!
    Oh, your really sharp knife is at my house.

  2. Wow. When I am thinking about making dinner, I am never this brave! Too bad Kyle isn't a fan of sushi.