Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jaime Oliver's Food Revolution

I have been following this show, and if you have not- watch it on

Jaime Oliver, (also known as the Naked Chef) is on a mission to permanently change the food system in schools in America. Upon arrival at a school in Huntington, the most obese city in the United States, he discovered that all kids eat is processed or frozen foods. When asking the students what they had for dinner the night before, half said "pizza" and half said "chicken nuggets." Not only are the schools failing to help the future health of these children, but the parents are failing as well.

I fear for the future of my child, not only in school, but in my own hands. The amount of chicken nuggets, hot dogs and pizza that I have fed my child is disgusting. And now that I know what chicken nuggets that you buy frozen or the ones you get at McDonald's are made of.... I have no desire to ever put them on my kid's plate EVER again.

Jaime went into one of the classrooms and showed them a number of vegetables. These children couldn't identify them. Not even a potato. He expressed concern that if kids don't know what something is, they won't eat it.

I so bought the book, and I'm keeping up on his escapade in Huntington, West Virginia. I'm hoping to learn a lot, completely change the way myself and my family eat, and pass it on.

I will definitely be using some of his recipes to post up here.

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