Sunday, December 27, 2009

Oh, hello.

This is a new blog I am starting for my very own selfish reasons. It has to do with laziness, new years resolutions, penny pinching and all sorts of other excuses, but truly, they are mostly selfish. However, once I grasped the idea I had laying in bed one night, I thought "maybe, just maybe...this will help others out the same way it will help me."

Here is the plan. Each time, (which I am hoping to be more than once a week..) I cook a meal for my family that is new, delicious and basically a SUCCESS, I will share the details of the meal including pictures and recipes so if perhaps one night you are stuck wondering what in the world you should have for dinner that evening, you can come here for some new ideas.

My husband told me himself, that we would save money if I would start "cooking new things" so he wasn't faced with the "same old stuff" each time he went looking for his nightly meal. That clued me in that not only is he bored with my cuisine, but it often leads us to going OUT for dinner, which usually costs more than cooking at home.

What I REALLY would like, is for you dear blogger friends of mine, you that are adamant posters to your wonderful blogs- to join me in this venture. I will (at your very request..) grant you administrator access so when YOU cook meals that you feel quite proud of yourself that your family ate and enjoyed, you can share it here and pass it on. That- is where the selfish part comes in. I want to know WHAT'S FOR DINNER at your houses, so I can have new, fresh ideas to bring into my kitchen. I do hope this catches on, and gets passed around and hopefully we'll have many, many administrator's posting their delicious talents all over this blog, creating an endless and easily accessible recipe book for all of us to share.

My first meal will be up sometime this week. I'm getting a jump start on the new year. Those of you who want to PLEASE join me in this epic endeavor- please email me at and I will give you all you need to become an administrator on "What's For Dinner?"

Bon Appetit!


  1. Whoohoo! I am always up for new recipes!

  2. It's funny how very alike we are, yet,I would never have pulled off the idea you've "concocted" here . I'm in! Love you